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Oakwood Suffolk Stud - sound breeding principles,
 lamb survival,
 performance recordingThe first family connection with Suffolk can be traced back to AD 1629
when a property was purchased at Hoxne, Suffolk and prior to that
previous generations had been farming land for 500 years.

Well, we are still farming.

The original Oakwood property located at Penola was purchased by my grandfather in 1918 and I acquired Oakwood at Oakbank in 2004.

I have been breeding registered livestock for over 40 years and now have Oakwood Suffolks and Oakwood White Suffolks.

The winters are cold and wet at Oakbank in the Adelaide Hills and I needed hardy sheep that could survive the harsh winter conditions, that had the mothering ability to protect the new born lambs from the out of control fox population and were easy care.

Oakwood White SuffolkFoundation female and sire bloodlines have been selected on structural correctness and proven Lambplan performance with Suffolks from the Burwood dispersal, Broughton Lodge and Glencraig and White Suffolks from the Burwood dispersal and Felix.

At Oakwood I am committed to sound breeding principles, lamb survival, performance recording using Lambplan, quality assurance, flock health and selecting for rams to perform under a wide range of commercial conditions.


Oakwood Suffolk Stud

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