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Tenderlamb Ram trademark registered


It's official, Oakwood has registered the Tenderlamb Ram trademark which identifies rams that will produce tender lambs.

Based on the Australian Sheep Breeding Value for Shearforce SF5, the rams that qualify are in the top 10% of all breeds for tenderness.

As intra-muscular fat is not included in the selection criteria Tenderlamb Rams have no effect on dressing % or lean meat yield.

Over half of the 2016 rams sold were Tenderlamb Rams including all the Suffolks and half of the White Suffolks.

Suffolks are renown world wide as one of the most tender meat breeds and the Australian Sheep Genetics Information Nucleus Breeding programme comparing all major meat breeds resulted in Suffolk being the number one breed for tenderness.

Within the Oakwood White Suffolks we are breeding a line of rams selected for tenderness.



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