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30.06.14 - Oakwood Suffolk sires progeny top 30th June Lambplan Elites

The first Australian progeny of Goldstream 080231 have topped the Suffolk male progeny elites with the NO 1 ram and 5 of the top 10 rams for Carcase + and Lamb2020. The progeny being from two separate studs, Glencraig and Wendenlea, strongly indicate that Goldstream 080231 is a prepotent sire who will consistently throw top performing progeny.

Oakwood secured the Australian rights to Goldstream 080321 during a trip to New Zealand in 2012 where he and his progeny were accessed.

Oakwood has limited quantities of semen available.


Goldstream 080231

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Oakwood Suffolk sires progeny top 30th June Lambplan elites.



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