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Suffolk Sires

Oakwood 130001

Full brother to 2012 Adelaide Show champion ram that sold for $9000.

Out of Australia’s record priced ewe.

Structurally correct, great temperament, used as a stud sire in 2014.

130001 Oakwood Sire

Kaula Dale 110810

Grand champion ram Perth Royal Show 2012.

No 1 sire lambplan elites 14.6.14.

No 1 for Carcase + and Lamb 2020.

Top 1% of breed for WWT, PWT, Trade$, SRC.

Top 3% of breed for Export$.

Trait leader for WWT.

Oakwood purchased 50% interest January 2014.

Kaula Dale 110810

Wendenlea 100030

Trait leader for weaning weight and ShearF5.

Top 1% of breed for WWT and Export $.

Top 2% of breed for Lean Meat Yield, Intramuscular fat and ShearF5.

Burwood Hurricane 041076

Low birth weight sire used over maiden ewes.

Trait leader for WEC and ShearF5.

Burwood Hurricane 041076



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